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By now you should have received an emailed invitation to access My Kitchen Workspace (MKWS). MKWS is a great resource used by Traemand, IKEA and our customers to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible. Your completed kitchen plans, Total Parts Sheet and Installation estimate are located under the Documents” section of MKWS. If you would like to view your plans in the IKEA Home Planner, a link as well as your username and password can be found in the “Project Brief” section. Use the following link to access MKWS:  If you have not received your emailed invitation, please respond to this email or contact the main office at (720) 214-4064.

To reserve installation dates and accept the installation estimate, please go to the Dashboard on MKWS and click on the link to your installation agreement (we can also email this to you) in the “Project Brief” section and complete using DocuSign.  You can also reply to this email or call: Renae Crawford #720.214.4064 ext. 1347

Our service provides for one free revision to your kitchen plan. For clarity, please indicate all desired changes either directly on your kitchen plans or by a detailed list. You can reply to this email or fax over your revisions to 866.796.3940 (Attention: <your planner’s name>) No changes will be made over the phone.

To ensure the best service when you order your cabinets at IKEA, please be sure to contact our team 48hrs before your Ikea visit and we will make sure they are prepared for you. Otherwise, you will need to print your IKEA Home Planner Design Packet, including the Traemand Total Parts Sheet, prior to going to IKEA. Bring these documents along with your IKEA Home Planner username and password and you will be taken care of in the order you arrive to Ikea Kitchens.

 For any contracting assistance, please email Brian Skidmore -

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Fax: (866)796-3940